It's been a while, but I am inspired to be back here.  I have some posts I am working on, but in the mean time, some highlights from our Spring

A girls trip to Cistus Nursery in which we wanted everything in sight, and made quite a spectacle ohhing and ahhing our way through the nursery.  Followed by a long lunch with a much needed chat on teenagers, parenting, husbands, periods, and the love of girlfriends.

Many home projects, like this new back door and a fresh coat of paint.  

Watching the green come to life all around the bed shed and living outdoors during our gorgeous sunny days.  The realization that I am a Spring gardener and need to embrace that, work hard and get dirty while I enjoy it.

Taking adventures with family in Bend, hiking along the Deschutes and making all kinds of discoveries, climbs, whole deer tails (eek), and all the textures and beauty along the way.

The blooms all over Portland

Spring like cocktails with friends.

Spring cleaning and baths with the window open

These three keeping me on my toes, honest and so filled up with love (but who won't give me a serious photo, ever, not once).

Keeping track of all of the small moments, daily life that adds up to being what I have dreamed of and worked for.  Really appreciating that it is in the here and now that we shape the story of our lives.

A House Tour

So I have been meaning to do a house tour of the Bed Shed here for a long time! But ugh, just haven't had the time, space and mindset to do so.  Because of said Bed Shed and how drained I felt at the end of it all, I haven't actually had the energy for a whole lot.  But luckily was asked by The Ma Books to do a house tour and it inspired me to finally take photos, dig up older ones and create one for my own blog as well.  So here is the Bed Shed tour. And because I love a house tour with all the details here it is, with all the nitty gritty.

We splurged on lighting for the bathroom, from School House Electric and I am so happy we did!  The mirror was found at a thrift shop, the shelves Ikea.  We made the towel rack ourselves, from leftover trim wood and hooks also from School House Electric.  The sink was from Ikea, but retro fitted by our genius contractor/friend, Harding Construction, to make look beautiful! The Bath tub a craigslist score, which is not in perfect condition, but perfect for us.  The toilet is Kholer from Lowes and I like the look of it, but feel like there are design flaws that will reveal themselves over time.  We knew we wanted Hexagon tile as it is so classic and clean.  I also felt like it is what would have been in the original house, had it been left alone and not "lovingly updated". I can hardly wait to tear out the bath in the original house and put hex tiles in there as well, large flat black ones this time.

The door for the bath was given to us by a neighbor who lived in the biggest and oldest house on our block, we stripped it of hardware, filled the holes, sanded and painted it.  Then we put it on a barn door slider which saved space.  We aren't a modest crew here so it works well for us.  

One of the most special parts of this addition are the amazing gifts people contributed.  One of these gifts was this amazing desk from my Uncle Ran.  The wood came from a fallen tree on their property.  It was milled there in the meadow where I grew up and lovingly joined, sanded and oiled by my uncle Ran and a neighbor.  We put it on brackets from our local hardware store.  I found this chair at a garage sale up the street, it's been on my list for a long time.

This is the view from the main part of our bedroom, the little hall leading to the bathroom was just going to be dead space, but I've always loved little nooks transformed into meaningful spaces and I've needed a desk and workspace of my own for a long time.  So this became "the office".  The long tall window came out of a friends house that was being remodeled and I love the addition of it, it gives such great light to small space.  

Looking back into the bedroom space from the office/bath area

We really wanted high ceilings to make the space feel bigger than it was.  Our original house has nine foot ceilings and it really makes a huge difference.  We knew we needed storage and that some closets were a must.  Our contractor had a pair of these doors that had been a mis-order so we went with those.  I love that they click open like doors ( suggested by our contractor) rather than slide.  We painted them almost black in an almost flat paint and put pulls from School House Electric on them as handles.  Originally we were going to have an exposed beam at the peak of the ceiling, but that didn't work out so we left this beam exposed across the space.  We chose not to have the closets go to the ceiling in order to have more storage, but also to give the room some architectural interest.  The lights you can see are just basic porcelain fixtures that you can pick up at any hardware store and fitted with a fancy lightbulb from School House Electric, costing a total of about $18.  


I really love sleeping in this new room, all the windows open so we have fresh air and we look out into trees and our back yard.  The french doors felt like a must and we had them in our minds from the beginning.  We spend a lot of time in our yard in the summer months and this feels like a connection to our outdoor space.  We couldn't afford to do wood windows, which is what we both really preferred, so we chose white vinyl, but crank open rather than double hung in order to minimize the amount of plastic showing.  Then my dad and our friend Aston (who are very talented fine homebuilders) made the beautiful sils and trim that are wood.  It may not be traditional, but we chose to do a wide white baseboard which kept with the style in the rest of the house.  These floors are sub flooring and in theory will eventually get hardwoods put over them. Originally we thought the only option for this would be plywood which we planned on painting, but the framer pointed us in the direction of car decking, which was less expensive at that time.  These floors went in before it was framed or the roof was on, they were snowed and rained on, piled with building materials and abused. I had planned on white washing them, but in the end I loved the warmth of the wood so we had them sanded and then applied a super eco friendly wax finish called Osmo.  


 This is the entry to our bedroom and doesn't have a door yet.  We plan on putting in a sliding barn style door, but have yet to do so.  The space where you can see the washer and dryer and hall beyond is where the original house and the bed shed are joined.  There was once an exterior wall where you can see the plants and shelves. This room that connects the two structures used to be the mudroom/laundry room/coat closet/catchall and also houses our fridge.  It has been the armpit of the house since moving in and is better now, but I have lots more vision for the space. 


This is the middle entrance, as we call it, and leads to that hallway I just described.  The window you see looking into the backyard wasn't supposed to be there, but when this was all framed in and we stood in the space it became quickly apparent that a window was essential.  This little deck is wonderful in the Summer and Fall and a perfect place for Sean and me to sneak off and have a beer at the end of the day.


This perspective gives you a chance to see both the original house and the bed shed.  It creates this little courtyard space that somehow feels European to me.  My brother-in-law Josh who owns a landscape company has all kind of vision for this space and I hope we can get to work on it this Summer.  I imagine some some hanging ferns, some hostas and other shade loving greenery framing the space.  Although we couldn't do wood windows, we weren't going to settle for anything but wood doors and I love looking at them everyday.  The door to the left opens into our bike shed and up into what we like to call the bro's nest, a place for all things boy,  amps, skate movie watching, bike wrenching, etc.  The other thing we chose to spend money on was the siding.  We wanted it to match the existing house and we wanted wood, again something I will never regret.  The exterior lights are from  Barn Light Electric, barn lights for the exterior are one of the first things that I really knew I wanted.  The one by the middle door is from their bargain section and I chose it mostly so all the other doors on the house could match for a decent price.  

This this the street view of the Bed Shed.  The door was built by our contractor/friend and we couldn't love it more.  The outer wood is from the milled log, same as the desk, from my family's property.  The inner wood is repurposed hardwood flooring that was pulled from an old home.  

We fretted a lot about how these two buildings would look side by side, thought a lot about roof  lines and proximity.  Trying to respect the traditional feel of the neighborhood (I wish all of the developers who have swooped into our hood would do the same, they are shameless) but were eager to make it a bit modern.  We had a lot of input, from my our friends and family whose design sense we respect.  This photo is from last Fall, we had just finished up and the garden was wild and unkept, much like the rest of our life had become by the end of the project. A wild and wonderful adventure that will make us so appreciate next summer's lazy pace.

The End